Many people think that planning a cremation ceremony begins after the cremation process. Not true. Several actions need to be taken before the cremation process. One is talking to family members to consider options and talk to a funeral director. Arlington Cremation Services will provide you with the information you need when planning a cremation ceremony. The steps are separated before and after deciding to cremate.

• Learn the cremations options and review all of them with the help of family members and friends.

• Before deciding on cremation, ask yourself several questions. Do you like the idea? Will you afford the costs? What does your religion say about cremation? Will it have an impact on your decision? How will the family and friends of the deceased react? What was their end-of-life plan?

• When planning a cremation ceremony for a loved one, have a family discussion. Please bring your family together so that you can get their understanding and how they feel about cremation.

• Arlington Cremation Services will answer any question that you may have regarding the funeral. They might have the insights that you need at a whole particular point.

• If you plan your funeral, maybe as your end life plan, have it documented in writing.

• If it is for a loved one, arrange for transportation of the ashes once the funeral is done.

That is before the cremation process. So what are the next steps? You have decided on cremation; what is next?

• Consider the kind of ceremony you would like your loved one to have. You can plan on a traditional funeral and then the cremation ceremony, depending on how the deceased wished for things to be done.

• Ask for assistance. Planning a funeral can be quite a challenging task. When planning such a meaningful event, ask family and friends to get involved. Ask someone to write and prepare a eulogy.

• Contact guests ahead of time. Making contact is essential as some may need time to request leave off work.

• Decide on the reading of the day and hymns to be sung on that particular day.

• Decide what will be done to the ashes. Will you carry them home, or will they be scattered in an ocean. Buy an urn to keep the ash.


Planning the cremation process comes with a lot of responsibilities. Never be afraid to ask for help from family and friends as it requires crucial decisions. If you are deciding over cremation or burial, evaluate your options. The best thing is to look at the available options and open a discussion with family or whoever is involved with the cremation ceremony.