Ways To Keep Your Spine Healthy

Whether you have a slipped disc or your spinal cord is narrowing, it can take a while before being diagnosed or treated for a specific cause of back pain. Some of the causes of back pain can be brought about by painful lumbar discs. Sore lumbar can be treated by removing the lumbar disc and replacing it with an artificial one. So, what is artificial disc replacement? It is the process of removing a painful or damaged disc and put in a new artificial disc.

To avoid back pain, there are specific ways to achieve comfort and ease your back from pain.

Let your spine rest

You have had a long day. The structures forming your spine have worked all day, and now it is time to let them rest. You can achieve this by having a mattress that will comfortably support your spine. Having a firm mattress is beneficial as it gives your spine the support that it needs. A soft mattress will make your spine sag. Choose a firm mattress always to support your sleeping position.

Exercise more often

The core muscles are located in the lower back of your abdomen. These muscles need to be strong to support your spine and have the ability to handle the pressure. For your muscles to be healthy, they need vigorous exercise. You can consult your doctor or a physical therapist to be aware of the kind of physical activity that would be appropriate for you. Exercise will help you reduce back pain.

Wear comfortable shoes

Shoes play a significant role when it comes to supporting your back. Comfortable shoes will provide balance and will act as a base to help your spine remain in position.

Get a massage once in a while

A good massage has a lot of benefits. It creates a sense of relaxation, increases the blood flow, and loosens any tight muscle. A good massage doesn’t have to be vigorous. However, a moderate-level massage will offer stress relief benefits more than a light-touch one. Having to pay a masseuse now and then can be quite costly. You can invest in a massage chair in your house, which can be an easy way to get some.

Sit properly

Long periods of sitting can cause severe back pain. Most of us don’t know how to sit correctly. Many will sit at a desk leaning forward, and that stresses the lumbar disc. Choose the right chair and have the correct sitting posture to support your back. If you spend most of the days working while seated, you should take a break from time to time. Stand and walk a little before going back to your working station. Moving here and there will help in the supplication of nutrients in your spine.


Feel free to pick any of the ways mentioned above to keep your spine healthy. With time, you will realize that a simple routine will ease that pain in your back. From artificial disc replacement to any form of surgery, can all be avoided if you take the above precautions.