Why You Should Maintain Good Oral Health

You may have heard some horrifying stories about dental surgery gone wrong, but don’t let that scare you. In fact, the chances of having a bad experience are slim to none. And if you’ve been considering it for a while and want to know more about the procedure and how to prepare, read on! Here are six reasons why getting dental surgery might be right for you.

1) Painful Toothache

Toothaches occur when nerves in the tooth become exposed and inflamed. The pain from this can be unbearable; if untreated, a toothache can lead to infection, swelling, and further complications. Sometimes the best way to treat a painful toothache is by removing the tooth altogether.

2) Gum Disease

When gums become infected and inflamed, they cause your teeth to become loose over time. This is known as periodontitis. If you suffer from a case of severe gum disease, or if you have recurrent infections due to gum disease, your dentist will most likely recommend that certain of your teeth be removed to reduce the infection in the mouth or prevent it from spreading.

3) Tooth Decay

When decay reaches below the gum line, it often becomes too difficult for your dentist to remove. Sometimes it may be necessary to remove a large section of tooth because of the extent of the decay and damage.

4) Bridgework

Some patients require extensive dental work to replace missing teeth, bridges, or other support structures. These types of dental work can sometimes be extensive and require several operations over time.

5) Accidents

If you’ve ever suffered from an accident that has resulted in the loss of one or more teeth, you’ll know that it can be very difficult to go about your daily activities without experiencing pain. One of the main ways in which dental surgery alleviates this suffering is by replacing a damaged tooth or teeth with an artificial replacement.

6) Teeth whitening

Some teeth are just too dark to be able to be white, but you still want them to look as if they’re clean and healthy. Teeth whitening is a profession that many dentists practice, and it’s often not an expensive procedure. Blanchiment des dents Montreal can be used to fix discolored teeth and improve the overall look of your smile.

7) Impacted Teeth

The eruption of your teeth is a process that can sometimes be interrupted due to impacted teeth. This is where a tooth grows in at an angle that prevents it from coming out through the gum. In these cases, additional dental surgery is sometimes needed to get the tooth to break through the gum tissue so the eruption process can continue.


If you feel you might want to get dental surgery on some of your teeth, or if you’re suffering from toothache or gum disease, then it might be the best option for you. It’s important not to rush into making a decision based on a little pain or issue that your dentist can easily manage. However, if your teeth are severely damaged due to tooth decay or an accident, then it might make sense for you to have additional work done that can give you full use of your mouth again as quickly as possible.